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> Panorama/oblique aerial photos >

    The mission of the oblique aerial photos is to present various and unknown view points. This extra information is used for:
- supporting the decisions of property developers, investors...
- analyzing by insurance companies, lawyers, authorities...
- legal documents for construction progress...
- promotion and advertising materials ...
A picture is worth more than a thousand words >>
 oblique aerial photos >

< Vertical aerial photos <

    < vertical aerial photos        The vertically downward aerial photos show the geometry of the objects, boundaries, neighboring properties, structures, vegetation, hydrological features, etc. They are useful for mapping, property analysis, development and design, and can be incorporated into existing topographic grid and coordinates.
<< Let knowledge be your guide!

           > Aerial surveying <

    The aerial surveying is successfully used for observing human and natural activities. Protecting properties, agricultural production, industrial zones and communications against thief or damage.Searching for lost people, animals, objects.  

            < Video production >

    The panorama and vertical aerial views can be video recorded and used for presentations, advertisments, film productions, researches, etc.